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2010.11.23 - I recently started playing percussion with a band called Space Medicine. Listen to this awesome recording from a show of ours:

So, I've got this neato looping pedal called the Digitech® JamMan®. It allows me to, how do you say... play with myself. Actually, I started with the Boomerang Phrase Sampler, which is fricken awesome. Here are a bunch of recordings I made, most with the help of one of those looping pedals. I call them recordings and not songs on purpose... they aren't songs... most have very little structure at all, except most have a loop in the background repeating over and over and over....

Recording Length
"For Sascha" (Bela Fleck tune) 01:21
A banjo tune 02:48
Loopz wif delayz 03:45
Sort-of Along the Watchtower 04:01
Song I made in Acid Pro, using guitar and bass loops recorded on my Jamman, and some drums and sax loops I got from somewhere. 04:40
Me jammin over a loop lane made 05:21
Noodling on the ole banjo 05:35
Short loop, just guitars 00:57
I think i was possessed... this is a long one 13:17
Recorded myself noodling, then noodled over it some more 05:48
Recorded myself noodling, then noodled over it some more, again 01:38
I put a mic inside my acoustic guitar... way too bassy. 01:41
I like this one a lot, except the recording quality is crap 07:57
Oh Shit, oh my god, oh my god, oh shit 00:24
For some reason, I titled this one 'Butt Sniffer.' I actually recorded this in stereo... 03:13
Crappily handfarting Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer 00:24
Born Under a Bad Sign Jam 08:24
I actually recorded this in stereo...it's a little quiet though 07:50
This one is also in stereo 05:13
This is from way back in 02-22-02... All of those crazy reverse effects are done live, with the boomerang. its a long one... ohh, and about 3/4 through it goes into a Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood song 10:40
Simple bass line and drum machine, with guitar 07:24
An old song called "Gypsy Aire" that I butchered 03:08
Apparently, I recorded this on March 2nd, 2003 05:45
Short and hissy 00:50
Another Short and hissy one, acoustic 00:59
Nts Nts Nts Nts Nts Nts drum machine woooo 04:12
Some loop I recorded using many drums, percussion dealies, a bass, a guitar, and my voice 00:50
DADDAD tuning, first go, just screwing around 02:03
DADDAD tuning, second go, not bad 01:47
DADDAD tuning, 3rd try, i like it 01:47